KK, OK ?
Posted by Split and Defiled [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on Sat, 14 Jul 2007 13:35:04 +0000

KK is another phrase that has become commonplace in internet terminology, but why?

Well it is something else that comes from the early days of EQ1. EQ1 had a random typing bug that irregularly would drop the first character of a sentence. When asked a question or given an instruction the respomdee would often respond with ‘K’- being an abreviation for OK. Unfortunately, due to the bug and the response being single character, the receiver of the response would see nothing at all. Forcing the originator of the question to repeat themslves and the respondee to respond in similar style - as you can see, it all becomes a little slapstick / Monytpythonesque. So seasoned vets, knowing the bug to be random would respond KK, so if the bug droppped the first character the second K would get through. As things continued, the bug was fixed but KK by now was common parlance within the game. As with many things on the web, the use of KK overspilled to IMs, chat rooms, IRC etc and soon everyone was using it, as if it were some common netspeak. Today it is common netspeak and people that have never even heard of EQ1 never mind played it, use it in common parlance. Just a bit of MMO trivia for you all :)


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