Mentoring and the Epic Drop Rate
Posted by Split and Defiled [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on Wed, 11 Jul 2007 09:46:26 +0000

Having spent a few hours in Cazic Thule, getting, I must say, some very good XP (doing a level in about 2 hours) the group finally broke up, as the tank needed sleep. I am not sure why, but trying to find a tank in the mid 40s on Splipaw is like trying to get fabled drops off yard trash, they dont exist, anyway I digress. A shout goes up in chanel raid forming to kill x2 Epic Nightblood in Rivervale. So i send a tell to the Raid Leader and get in the MT group - Defiler always seems to be the healer of choice in a MT group. After about 30 minutes the raid is formed 50% of which is 60+ players mentoring down to me (level 45) which is an ideal level for the Nightblood. So we kill it and it drops a Treasure Chest - boo, no Exquisite or Ornate Chest. So we kill the x2 Epic Lamia around the corner - no drop at all. The raid heads over to the Enchanted Lands and we kill Cragshell x2 Epic Crab, he only drops a Treasure Chest, then run across the zone to kill the Overseer x2 Epic who again only drops a treasure chest - see a pattern ?

This is not the first time that I have seen suge a poor drop rate from highly mentored groups. Technically it shouldn’t make a difference, if a player mentors to your level, the kill should be equivalent to a group at the mentored level, but it isnt. I am not sure if it the effect of having a mentoring player that has a lot of AAs, but they do seem to help. Not once in any four of the raid targets that we hit, did the tanks health (a level 70 ‘zerker, mentoring down to 40s) drop beneath 90% health and the mobs were dead within a few minutes. Raid targets are supposed to be a challenge and these weren’t. maybe the game mechanic realises this and rewards accordingly, but I am sure that this isnt how the devs originally intended it to be.

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