The Perpetual Epic
Posted by Split and Defiled [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on Tue, 10 Jul 2007 13:48:21 +0000

EQ1 introduced us to the idea of the Epic, a quested item, specific to a class that was, at the time, one of the best items in the game for your class. As things progressed, the Epic item didnt scale and slowly after several more expansions, epics became little more than trophies, but were rarely used. To combat this, SoE introduced Epic 1.5 and Epic 2 items, but again will suffer from the same mudflation and eventually they too wil become little more than trinkets. EQ2 doesnt quite have epics yet, but had the same issues with the Prismatic series of weapons, they are already superceded.

What I am proposing is the perpetual epic, an item that grows with you as you level. It wont always be the best item at your level, but it will be situational, but tailored to your choosing. let me explain. At level 10 you undertake your initial epic quest for your class. This will be a tough solo quest and will reward you with your base epic item. I am a Defiler so my base epic is called The Mace of Hate and it will have nice stats for a weapon of my level, maybe +4wis , +4int +10 to all resists. At level 15 I get the option to do a series of quests, the choice being, solo, single group or raid. But there wont be just 1 of each you may get a choice of 4, but you can only select 1. The 4 options give 4 types of reward which are all adornments for your Epic but, depending on whether you choose to do the solo, group or raid version of that quest line, depends on how nice the reward is, but not rediculously so. So for example my 4 choices are:

  • Quest of Knowledge - gives a Wis adornment
  • Quest of Intellect - gives an Int adornment
  • Quest of Health - gives  Health adornment
  • Quest of Power - gives a Power adornment

 So I choose Quest of Power, now I have 3 options, solo, group or raid. The 3 rewards may be solo gives +5 power, group gives +5 power, +20 Devine, raid gives +5 power +15 to all resists.

As you can see the differences arent huge, but big enough to reward the greater difficulty. remember you can only choose 1 quest line per 5 levels. Combined with this the item will automatically gain stats every 10 levels, so that even if you choose not to do any adornment quests the Epic will still be an OK weapon to use.

If you complete the adornment quest you will be given an adornment item, so I finish my level 15 Power quest my reward is Sparkling Opal of Power and a crafting recipe. I then have to take my Mace and the Opal to a forge, and using the recipe I combine the 2 (in a no fail combine) to produce a new Mace of Hate. At some levels the quest line maybe additional stats, sometimes they may be resists, sometimes there maybe a choice of procs or flowing thought. As you add more adornments, the stats that you gain also add, but the procs wont. the procs will overwrite any previous proc, which is logical as they become more powerful. Again the proc rewards maybe similar to the equivalent spell drops, so the solo reward is an Adept 1 proc, the Group and Adept 3 and the Raid a Master 1 version or they may all have the same proc, but the chances of it proccing get higher with the level of quest, solo 10%, group 16%, raid 23%.

This way every person gets to have an individual Epic item and the adornments that they choose at each level can suit their play style. Early on you may solo and so choose solo quests. Then at level 30 you join a guild and you can get help with your Epic quests, so you choose to do Group quests and so it goes on. Some quests may also have the effect of changing the physical appearance of the Epic., for example some adornments may give particle effects, such as fire or glowing blade, others may produce lightning or haze the weapon, others may actually change its colour physically.

As you progress in levels the choice of adornments will also improve, until at the level cap for that expansion you may get a choice of just 2 very cool quest lines. The choice for the Defilers Mace of Hate maybe a clicky effect, being either:

  • Self Resurrect with 90% health restored
  • Group Resurrect 90% health restored, out of combat (Area Effect Resurect, all fallen group members within 50m) or Group Resurrect 30% health restored in combat.

 These will be raid only options, as the overall reward is very significant and will make them class defining weapons. This event will only be available at the current expansion level cap and will scale. So Defilers completing it with DoF could potentially get it at level 60 whereas if they are not level 60 when KoS went live, they would have to wait until level 70 to try. This may seem unfair as you may have level 60 Players with their Epic with its Epic Adornment whereas there maybe level 69 players without it, but this is supposed to be a defining adornment and should not be available to everyone easily.

I understand that this maybe a lot of hard work for the game devs, but it is a way to combat mudflation on epics and bring a little bit of individuality to a fairly linear series of quests. It also gives players who may never or rarely get the chance to raid the ability to gain at one nice piece of equipment at any given level of the game.

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