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Posted by Voyages in Eternity [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on Thu, 13 Sep 2007 12:00:28 +0000

Distribution of preferred styles of play amongst current game players, according to International Hobo’s DGD1 survey (from Chris Bateman’s talk):

  • 50% Logistical (primary goal: complete tasks, clear directions desired)
  • 25% Tactical (primary goal: do what needs to be done, clear goals, process cloudy)
  • 15% Diplomatic (primary goal: make everything as it should be, processes clear, goals cloudy)
  • 10% Strategic (primary goal: work out what needs to be done, both process and goals can be unclear/explorable)

I bring these numbers up because it would appear to be a possible partial explanation for why current MMO quests may not fit the bill for some of us.  If they are designed to accommodate the dominant “logistical” play style (which I think they are), and you are a strategic player…

Reminder: there is a second survey currently underway exploring these themes a little more deeply at International Hobo, and they are looking for input from players.

A separate little test, which also provides a brief report on which styles of play you seem to gravitate toward, can be found here

For the record, I came up as Dominantly Manager (mastery of systems), Strongly Wanderer (unique experiences), and marginally Conqueror (challenge, fiero) and Participant (emotional connection, social).

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