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Set destination for STO launch .. warp 9 ..

Actually early access launch. I rerolled my "space ork (i.e. green orc)" Grimgar G Boson.. Engineer. Love the Engineer class .. lots of toys on ground; like shields generators. I had a few screen shots however when Tuesday the 2nd arrived I uninstalled the beta client and reinstalled the release version from my Amazon order and it deleted all my screen shots. Not a big deal as it was the same stuff in my last post (open beta screen shots).

I hit (level 11) Lt. Commander and was assigned a new ship. I choose the federation cruiser as its an all around great ship and seems like an engineers ship with the extra bridge station and lots of aux power.

So after going playing few days on head start and day of so after official release .. here is Lt. Cmdr Grimgar Boson.

Lt Cmdr on the bridge.

And the new ship .. the USS Aries:

Another bridge pic:

And to celebrate took a trip out to the Risa system (the vacation area in Star Trek) for little R and R:

Then took it out for a spin on some Orion raiders. With 2x engineering bridge officers and the the addition of the aft photon torp (nice!) .. this feels like a great ship for combat. Also for exploration and research. Look forward to a fun journey to full commander. No hurry .. lots to go see and do.


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