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Posted by Game Truth [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on Fri, 15 Dec 2006 20:41:23 +0000

See the monkey talk.

Nobody in the games industry takes Peter Molyneux seriously any more. Worse, nobody in Lionhead takes him seriously either except when he gets into one of his legendary picky moods. Even more hilarious is that Peter the Mouthpiece has turned into one of the blandest corporate whores ever since his failing ailing money-losing studio was bought/rescued from self-destruction for a small amount of chunk change to save Fable 2.

The image around this guy is legendary, with his OBE and his ability to craft a perfect message for journos, but just as legendary is his lack of actually doing any work on any of the games that are “his”. The Movies, Black and White 2, Fable, Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper and Syndicate are basically games built by other people. Everybody knows it, even most journalists, but they give Molyneux a blind pass because he occupies that untouchable space reserved for industry mouthpieces. As long as the man is good copy, whatever he says goes.

So Moulinex can come out with these daft “YouTube of games” and “I only code with 23 tracks” lines if he likes, but I challenge him to actually show us any actual coding that he has done in the last ten years, any actual design documents he has written. Since the man is the greatest game designer that Britain has ever produced, it stands to reason that his footprint is somewhere in all this work.

Rule Number 2: Most of the industry luminaries are full of shit and behind every one of them stands an army of silenced developers who know full well that they are nothing but windy bags of air.

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