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Why make a blog about the truth behind the games industry? Simply because I’m tired of watching so-called journalists fuck it up so often and so completely. The games industry is painted in the media as being the source of all sorts of new and hip advances in media and storytelling. Luminaries from across the globe gather and speak about great things, talk about interactive storytelling, gameplay advances, HD-TV and so on.

Not a one of these luminaries is what they seem. From the luminary who has ripped off his partners to the luminary who has lived on the work of others to the luminary who has an extraordinarily creepy past, every one of them is just a face.

These people make me very angry. They are the same generation who created the games industry twenty years ago, and, like many founding creators, stayed too long at the fair. They have lived on the fruits of others’ labour, become press darlings (and the complicity of the game press is another source of HUGE anger) and basically walked over the backs and souls of thousands of other developers to get there, with no comeback.

I absolutely hate the foetid stink that these people have caused. I hate the lives of the many people whom they have ruined and I hate the industry that their greed for fame and cash has brought about.

Somebody has to speak the truth, or at least the other side of the story, and it might as well be a blog like this. Even if this blog ends up ranting to absolutely no-one, it’s important that someone say that this industry stinks because of the developers who prop it up rather than the companies who deal with them. Someone has to tell the story.

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