Different abilities, different tasks
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A few days of being rather ill really takes the wind out of the sails…

Anyway, back to the pontificating and postulating.  A rhetorical question: how many people would like to see more quests tuned to their character’s specific abilities?

There could still be the ubiquitous fed-ex quests, and kill X foozles, and gather Y foozle snouts (by killing Y+2d10 foozles), and so on.  However, I’d like to see some tasks which exactly engaged the special abilities/strengths of each character “type” provided, as well… quests which test and depend upon their special abilities, and maybe even begin to train them for their typical roles in group.

A few examples…


  • a task to enter a quarantine ward and cure some disease sufferers.  “Cure 10 villagers” instead of “Kill 10 rats”.  (Assumes that curing diseases has been made something of process, a “combat against disease”, instead of just a one-step “fire and forget” ability.)  Find and purify the original source of the disease might be the follow-up or extra-credit quest.
  • tasks to accompany a small troop of soldiers on a raid against bandits or the like, and prevent as many deaths (perhaps on both sides) as possible.  Essentially rudimentary training for group play.
  • A subset of a group of people has fallen deathly ill from accidental food poisoning.  Cure as many as you can, determining which dish was the culprit and tracking down other sufferers based on what each patient can tell you about who else was there. (Or maybe it wasn’t accidental…)
  • Escort a critically wounded patient to a nearby temple/hospital, keeping him/her alive during the travel.


  • Rescue people from a burning building, using defensive abilities to shield rescuees from hotspots, smother blocking burn areas while minimizing damage, etc.
  • Accompany a group of soldiers against a group of bandits or the like, using your abilities to minimize injuries and losses amongst the troops.  Again, essentially rudimentary training for group play.
  • Find and/or create a safe path through a recently collapsed tunnel/mountain path/flooded swamp.  Use defensive abilities and basic resistance to survive each challenge (assume that quick recuperation is possible between each, but not during)
  • Evacuate as many people as possible from a small village in advance of an attack or disaster of some kind.  Selective usage of taunting and intimidation tactics required.

Those are just some rudimentary ideas, but hopefully they make the point.  Some of them are tasks that perhaps could be offered to anyone, but really engage the strengths of specific classes/roles.  Others require those abilities almost exclusively, or have cross-over with a specific second class/role… for example, a healer might be able to do the burning building rescue using his healing abilities instead; a mezzer/crowd control specialist would probably have an easier time convincing people to evacuate an area than the “tank”, and so on. 

The point is, I’d like to see more utilization of sets of tasks that isn’t just yet another variation on ”defeat X opponents”, that engage different skill sets and allow them to shine… DPS specialists don’t need to get _all_ the love, do they?


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