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Iris Gaming Network co-founder, Cerise Magazine co-creator, and creator of the blog, Andrea Rubenstein, embarks on an exciting new adventure: game design school. Not only is she studying game design, but she’s also studying game design in Japan, at a well-regarded Japanese school (HAL), in the Japanese language.

Usually when one starts telling a story, one begins at the beginning. But I honestly don?t know where my beginning is. Does it begin with the first video game I played? With the long nights I spent with my mom, and later my friend Katie, playing video games until obnoxiously late at night? What about when I realized that RPGs came from Japan, and therefore decided that I would one day learn Japanese. Perhaps I should start with when I said to myself, “Of all the things I could do with my life, I want to make and design video games.”

She has created a new blog on the Iris Gaming Network, which will detail her experiences of game design school.

Congratulations, Andrea! I wish you all the best!

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