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Posted by Voyages in Eternity [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on Tue, 09 Oct 2007 11:38:37 +0000

In my spare moments over the past week or so, I’ve been contemplating what I’m going to try to create with Metaplace when it becomes available.  Yeah, eventually I imagine I’ll try to do an RPG/GMUD of some sort (I hesitate to use the term MMO, since truly “massive” participation in anything I’d be interested in building would seem to be unlikely, hardcore as I am).

However, to test and familiarize, I want to start by simply rebuilding (and/or re-imagining) some of the simpler types of games I’ve enjoyed in the past…

1) Food Fight: readers of Dragon magazine from the early 80s might know what I’m referring to… there was a minigame, in Issue #44 I believe, a turn based chits and dice game which basically simulated a high school cafeteria food fight.  Quick, relatively simple, and the gameplay was pretty entertaining.  Dibbs on the squirt bottle of mustard…

2) Another riff on Clue: I’ve been rather into mystery novels of late, so looking at ways of expanding a bit on the basic boardgame Clue has some interest to me.  I’m still working through how I would want to go about that, tho… I want some stronger elements of betrayal built in.

3) Speaking of betrayal, another style of game I’d want to look at emulating would be Diplomacy.  Start with a basic straight translation, of course, but then try different riffs on the theme, see if it was possible to, for example, introduce the possibility of multiple force levels per territory (an ability to have more than 1 unit per territory) and still retain the same basic style of play… seems unlikely, but it’d be fun to experiment again. 

(I really loved exploring variant rules back in the day…)

4) Tripples is a little 2-player game from my childhood I thought I might try to emulate as a small test project.  The board is a set of movable tiles, each with a 2-3 arrows pointing along some of the 8 cardinal directions.  During your turn, you can only move in a direction that the arrows under your opponent’s piece are pointing… meaning, of course, that your choice of moves impacts your opponent’s options.  It’s an interesting puzzle game with an element of competition… I rather liked it, but it was tough finding people willing to think all that hard to play it with.

5) Kings and Things by Tom Wham, another chits-and-dice game from Dragon Magazine (re-imagined somewhat as more of a wargame later under the tile of Kings and Things by West End).  It has some vague similarities to MtG, tho it’s not a CCG per se: I’ve always wanted to find out if MtG was in any way inspired by this game, tho.  Relatively straightforward accumulate-and-crush style of play… was always a quick, relaxing break from dungeon diving.

Just some of things I’ve been thinking about, between RL distractions…

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