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I haven’t been doing much (electronic) gaming in the past couple few weeks.

I played Guild Wars: Eye of the North hardcore when the servers opened at the end of August. I amassed over 20 hours of game time during the three-day holiday weekend of release. Since then, my Guild Wars play time has gone down. Last weekend, I think I mustered about an hour or so, and I didn’t even finish any quests.

Last week, I started playing the Hellgate: London beta, but I can’t write about it in detail because of the NDA. Apart from creating a Summoner and completing a few quests, I haven’t done much. I half-heartedly created an Evoker, but decided I didn’t like the Class. My graphics card, unfortunately, is not modern enough to pick up all the details of what, from screenshots, appears to be a very cool game, visually. I think I’ve played Hellgate: London for all of an hour, all told.

Most of my hardcore gaming these days consists of the table-top variety. My Dungeons & Dragons group, which meets fortnightly, had its third session last week. I created an in-your-face melee character, a Barbarian. I generally don’t play front line melee classes, either in table-top or electronic games, so this has been an interesting change of pace. The storytelling/role-playing aspect has also been quite enjoyable.

What else have I been doing with my free time? Socialising with people on the internet, preparing for a personal project beginning next month, and wanting to smash people’s faces in.

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