What the Hell is a Klelith?
Posted by A Green Mushroom [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 28 July 2011, 9:42 pm

Lost in Neurons is an analysis blog written solely by Klelith that I've been reading since it started. I would be generous if I said its posting schedule was average. However, when a post does come around, it tends to swoop in out of nowhere with deep analysis on a vast number of subjects from gaming and technology, to fiction stories and funny videos.  He'll drop it off in the middle of the night with little warning and vanish before you realize he was ever there. 

This level of writing is beyond mine to say the least, so I have always forgiven Klelith for the sporadic   posting schedule. 

I've had the pleasure of knowing this writer for several years, seeing that he is in fact, my brother. I have been asking for ages for him to do a guest post about gaming for A Green Mushroom to no avail.  

I had all but given up when he offered to do all of his game analysis posts on this blog. Imagine my surprise!

All of his other thoughts on things like programming, technology, thoughts about life, fiction, and just existing will still be posted over at Lost in Neurons so be sure to check out his site.

The majority of A Green Mushroom's posts will still be done by me, but you'll know Klelith's work when you read it! Enjoy readers, and welcome aboard Klelith!

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