Scribblenauts is a Great Game For Someone Like Me
Posted by Devgamer [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 24 September 2009, 5:42 pm
I've always liked words. I used to be pretty proud of the fact that when I was in grade school, my reading and writing levels were through the roof compared to 98% of all other students in my grade level. Over the years, that deteriorated to the mess you read in this blog, but nonetheless, I still like big words, and enjoy what I claim to be a decent grasp of my native language.

While there are a lot of puzzle games out there for all kinds of people, there are only a few for dorks like me who enjoy words just for the sake of words. Sometimes I like to mull over the sound of a word, or the meaning of a word just because I enjoy it. Games like Bookwork Adventures, and Word Shark appeal to me, but a game like Scribblenauts is pure crack.

While the game mechanics are clunky in terms of the odd platforming physics, and the interactions between the objects, the game really appeals to the part of me that wants to BREAK IT. Maybe it's the QA background that I have, but I am always trying to think outside of the box and refuse to solve the puzzles in an obvious way. It's an ex game tester's dream, let alone a word dork's dream.

I've been having a great time playing this. I recommend it to those of you that really want to push the game's massive dictionary and play around with it. It's not a game for people who are looking for exacting movement and interactions, because in all truthfulness it's quite sloppy in that regards.

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