Portal or Hellgate?
Posted by Acid for Blood [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on Tue, 16 Oct 2007 16:13:58 +0000

A friend of mine showed me Portal last night. I may have to get it. Portal is annoyingly packaged in a compilation called “The Orange Box” which contains other games that I don’t care about. Really, should I care about the three Half-Life 2 games in The Orange Box when I’ve never played Half-Life 1? I don’t play FPSs, so I’m not particularly interested in Team Fortress 2, either.

Apparently I can download Portal from Steam for $20. My list of games I can purchase for the remainder of the year only includes Hellgate: London, so I will have to make a trade if I want Portal. I haven’t played the Hellgate: London beta in a couple of weeks, and internet people tell me that there’s a new build. I’ll see what this new build is like and then make my decision.

By the way, I joined this new-fangled Steam Community. If you want to add me to your Steam friends list (or any other game-related friends list), my user ID is located on the Contact page.

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