The Old Republic Still Going Strong, Even With a 400k Subscriber Drop
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Star Wars The Old Republic

Three months ago, Electronic Arts boasted its new MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, had amassed 1.7 million subscribers. That number is a far cry from what World of Warcraft has, though it is a very strong showing for a subscription-based MMO in a market that is becoming much more free-to-play-centric. The publisher updated investors again on the status of TOR this week, revealing it has seen a drop-off of 400,000 subscribers. That's nearly one in four players who have stopped playing over that span of time, which surely means it's time to sound the alarm and for those who voted EA as the worst company in America to start celebrating, right? In fact, this may not be as bad as it seems.

A 23-percent decline is a substantial figure any way you slice it. Yet it's important to remember this is still early in the life of the game; if this were to happen a year from now it would be more troubling. At this point in time, it's natural for an MMO to lose a chunk of people who wanted to try the game out and nothing more. It seems entirely feasible a chunk of casual players tried the game out but didn't want to pay a monthly subscription, which is essentially what the drop was attributed to in an EA conference call with investors on Monday.

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