EA to Piggyback Origin on Popular Kickstarter Games
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As Electronic Arts continues to work toward having Origin reach feature parity with Steam -- and hopefully finding something unique it can offer in the process -- it also is focused on getting the software installed on as many computers as possible. Bundling it with EA's own computer games has proven to be one effective way of doing this, whether it be with Battlefield 3 or Mass Effect 3, as has exclusively offering the digital version of its big MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, through the service. Now it's extending a helping hand to independent developers who have turned to crowd-funding to get their games made in a move that will further help to increase the size of Origin's userbase.

The publisher today announced it will waive Origin's distribution fees for 90 days for any developer wanting to bring its crowd-funded, downloadable PC game to the service, just so long as the game is ready to publish. Develop notes the only costs developers will be subjected to are those pertaining to transactions, such as the fee charged by credit card companies. Even with that small caveat, this is still a potentially great deal for independent developers who will be able to receive a significantly larger portion of revenue on each game it sells in the three months following release. Particularly when you consider many of the games that have been funded by Kickstarter are unlikely to ever be multi-million unit sellers, that extra money could prove to be a major boon.

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