Origin Uninterested in Offering Steam-Like "Going Out of Business" Sales
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Origin Steam sales

It was roughly a year ago that Electronic Arts unveiled Origin, the relaunch of its existing EA Store intended to sell PC games and connect gamers across platforms. Its lack of an appearance at EA's E3 press briefing was not what one would expect considering it is meant to be a pillar of the company's presence on PC. That doesn't mean the subject of Origin was not broached at all by EA this week, with senior VP of global ecommerce David DeMartini making it clear one thing about Steam we should not expect to see replicated is the steep discounts Steam sales regularly provide.

To be fair, PC wasn't ignored during EA's press briefing -- the company devoted time to Star Wars: The Old Republic and SimCity, which are both PC-only games, and several of the other games shown will be released on PC. Origin, though, was not given the time of day, despite this being an ideal time to tout what EA has managed to do with it in only a year and to reveal some of the features we'll see in the year to come.

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