Battlefield 4's Underwhelming Reveal Exemplifies Announcing a Game Too Soon
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Battlefield 3

The plan for Battlefield 3 is to keep players occupied with new content through at least next spring, with the fifth expansion pack included in Battlefield Premium, End Game, scheduled for release in March 2013. In other words, Battlefield players are not hurting for content or anything to look forward to, provided they're willing to pay for it. Not satisfied with the money players may already be spending on Battlefield 3 and Premium (or the individual DLC releases), Electronic Arts is already trying to push its next big first-person shooter release by teasing the next Battlefield, a game which is still 15-plus months away.

An advertisement for Medal of Honor: Warfighter showed up on Origin a few days ago before being removed. It revealed that those who pre-order the game will receive Battlefield 4 beta access, which is interesting because Battlefield 4 isn't yet a thing, officially speaking. It potentially seemed like a mistake; this doesn't seem like the ideal way -- or time -- to announce Battlefield 4. And whether that ad simply went out a bit earlier than expected or spoiled the surprise and forced EA's hand, a press release has gone out today making it official: those who pre-order the Limited Edition of Warfighter will get into the beta of Battlefield 4 coming in fall 2013. And now I, and many others, are wondering if it's too soon to be hearing about this.

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