DayZ Stands as a Shining Example of PC Gaming at Its Finest
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Unsurprising as it may be to hear in light of its success, DayZ is now officially on the path to becoming a standalone game. The increasingly popular ARMA II mod recently surpassed 1 million players, a milestone which coincides with today's announcement that ARMA developer Bohemia Interactive, along with DayZ designer Dean Hall, will be creating a version of DayZ that functions independently of the games currently required to play it. It's quite the success story -- the mod has only been available for about four months -- and is a testament to what's possible on computers.

A quick glance at screenshots of DayZ might give the impression that it is nothing more than a dreary-looking zombie mod. Look a bit deeper and you'll find out there is a very good reason that, even with as many zombie games as there are out there, people are compelled to purchase a three-year-old military game best known to many as the source of footage mistook for an IRA film in a British documentary last year.

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