Employee Profile: MyBrainHz
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I've played with MyBrainHz, I know MyBrainHz, MyBrainHz is a friend of mine. You're no MyBrainHz. Then again, neither am I.

Dimmerswitch wrote:
It was extremely tempting to spend this introduction writing about MyBrainHz's "victory" in the worst-sniper competition, his long and enduring love affair with Longhorns football, or his alternate life as Brian, the tragic rejector of pubbies who just want to unlock beast mode, but the truth is, he doesn't deserve any of that.

The truth is, MyBrainHz is a genuinely nice guy.

MyBrainHz has been a major part of the GWJ TF2 community for almost as long as he's been a goodjer. He's patiently done a good chunk of the thankless configuration and maintenance work to keep our community TF2 servers happily running, and does a great job as admin, riding herd on the sometimes boisterous-to-inappropriate folks who play on the pub server. MyBrainHz also does an admirable job riding herd on our admins when someone gets an itchy kick-finger, and is one of two people to have taken the gold in every GWJ TF2 tournament to date (free Hatte to whoever posts the name of the other person in-thread). MyBrainHz's willingness to do the hard work of community building outside of the limelight is commendable, though this same aversion to the limelight contributes to his maddening skill as a spy in TF2.

Because of MyBrainHz, I've learned that if your wife is home and you want to taunt a spy who has stabbed you (again), it is *far* better to say "at least I hit you with my Jarate" than "at least you're covered in my urine".

And for that, I will forever be grateful.

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