September 10th - 14th
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Battlefield 3 is a game I feel torn on. At launch, I loved this game. I felt like it was a brilliant upgrade to the franchise that managed to capture the fun of playing Battlefield 1942 back in the day, while nestling comfortably into the niche for modern wargaming that's become popularized by Call of Duty. I played for weeks, slowly ranking up my character, unlocking new weapons and holding my own well enough against a competitive GWJ crew.

Now, it's a game I feel like I can never go back to.

There's just too much DLC, too many maps I never got around to playing and above all else I sense it will feel like the majority of players will have both unlocked their full arsenal and their deep reservoirs of super-human, game-playing skills. It's like looking up a mountain that I'm only half interested in even thinking about climbing. This is the same thing that keeps me out of reloading Team Fortress 2, which I have fond memories of from a day before hats were a thing.

With Battlefield 3 Premium launching this week, though, perhaps there are players braver and more stalwart than I, who will take advantage of a package the includes the DLC, a pass for upcoming content and a selection of instant unlocks.

For me, though, the game of the week is FTL, an indie, rogue-like set in space and built around the idea of recreating the feeling of being in an episode of genre television. Emphasizing more of the heat of managing a spaceship and crew in combat and exploration, it will be nice to see a game funded through Kickstarter actually hit the market.

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