Donation Drive 2012 Update
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First of all, you see that picture to the left; that's a sneak peek at the artwork Bombsfall has put together for donors at the $25 level. Just to be clear, it is awesome. I'm just sayin'.

*Cue Barenaked Ladies* It’s been one week since we started our donation drive — also I’m sorry if I just put that song in your head [Editor’s note: He’s not sorry.] — and the outpouring of support to date has been certifiably epic. Normally, in our better years, we cross the $10,000 threshold somewhere in the third week of the drive. This time around we hit it after three days, and now after eight days we are within striking distance of our primary “Keep The Lights On” goal.

That’s a big deal. It means another year of GWJ podcasts, articles, events and forums, and that’s something that makes me very happy. So, the only thing we can really say to that is, thank you. We are happy that you find that kind of value in what we’ve provided, and frankly in what you guys provide to one another, and it is a privilege to get to keep doing this thing that we love. In short: group hug time!

We will be providing periodic updates on the drive, as well as a running list of those forum members who have donated and provided their forum name for the annual icon. I can tell you that we have had at least one 10 year donor, however, we are still fine tuning the final icon so it doesn’t exist in the wild yet. Since we are being more transparent with our drive information this year, I can break down a few of the details for those of you interested in such things. For those of you, however, who just want to check in and get a sense of what the mood is, were I wearing a 70s mood ring it would be whatever color represents a blend of humbled and ecstatic. I’m thinking a nice rosy pink, like a blush.

Was that weird? It was kinda weird, wasn’t it? Let’s just move on.

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