September 17th - September 21
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For me, this is a week that's circled on the calendar. The release of Torchlight II is something I have only grown increasingly excited about since it was announced. But, it is also something about which I have a wariness, not because I fear it will be a poor game, but because I wonder how much of my enjoyment of the first is based on the lack of Action RPGs at the time of its release. Part of the charm of the original Torchlight was the way it echoed the joy of Diablo 2 and reminded us that we used to play these games.

Now, Torchlight II will stand in stark relief against not only the omnipresent Diablo 3 but in the wake of the sharp scrutiny that the Diablo fanbase heaped on the latest offering. It is, obviously, a huge opportunity to out Diablo Blizzard, but it also feels like a big challenge for a $20 game to live up to. I am eager to see what Runic has accomplished, but find myself wondering, can they really live up to the fever dreams of what I and other ARPG fans hope T2 brings?

Also, this week Borderlands 2 has been touting bigger, better, badder for a while now, and they get the chance to live up to their heaping promises as well. I really like the original Borderlands, but I wouldn't say I loved it. In some ways it was the game I'd hoped the original Hellgate: London would be, only on an alien world instead of a familiar one infested by demons. It was, to me, a great co-op game that came and went, and now its sequel has become one of the year's headliners.

It's the same sort of thing to me, a game with grand aspirations that may or may not be ready for prime time.

Forced to choose, I would probably say I'm more excited for Torchlight II, which is why it's my game of the week, but in all honesty I'm picking both up.

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