October 15 - October 19
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I have to be honest, even as it gets in full swing, for me the year is sort of over from a video game perspective. I am full up and sated, with plenty to keep my attention for months to come. I don't know if it's just that the remaining games filling out October and November just aren't up my alley, or that Dishonored and X-Com have just turned out that good that I can't imagine needing anything else, but when I look ahead I don't see games that I simply must have.

I am, however, picking up Rocksmith for the PC this week. Despite already happily owning it on the Xbox, the PC seems like a place where this could thrive. And, frankly, having had the "game" for a year now, I still think it's absolutely brilliant. Yes, there are some structural and interface areas where they can improve, but as a wonderfully executed concept and even more importantly a learning tool, Rocksmith has been genius in a box.

Speaking of music genre releases, Dance Central hits its third iteration this week, and initial buzz is unsurprisingly positive. I can't help but wonder if Dance Central turned out to be a more profitable franchise then Rock Band, if only because it has all the potential post-sale upside and none of the part where you have to design and get manufactured bulky instruments.

And last but not least, critical darling Mark of the Ninja moves from consoles to PC.

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