Pandaria jewelcrafting
Posted by Tobold's Blog [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 25 October 2012, 2:32 am
I tend to be a fan of crafting in most MMORPGs. I tried every craft in World of Warcraft, and in Cataclysm I had most of them maxed out on some alt, constantly sending stuff from one character to the other. My "main", as far as I can say to have one, is a holy priest with mining and jewelcrafting. That used to be not a bad choice in previous expansions. But in Mists of Pandaria I am not at all happy with that choice.

It is hard to get good statistical data for that, but it appears to me that there are less items in MoP with gem slots. For example I have an iLevel of 450, which is good enough to open all heroic dungeons, and only 10 points away from the first LFR raids; but I do not have a single gem slot anywhere. I looked through the vendors, and the justice point items don't appear to have any gem slots. Of the valor point items only about half have gem slots. On the one hand that makes life easier for everybody, as you don't have to worry about gemming up before you have high-end raid gear; but on the other hand that means there is no market for gems.

My second problem with jewelcrafting is that it doesn't need spirits of harmony. My alts would need them, but as I haven't leveled them yet and the motes and spirits are bind on pickup my alts are starved of them and can't craft anything good. My priest has lots of spirits of harmony, but the only recipe that even uses them is one to learn a random gem recipe faster than once a day. Not really useful.

Related to that is the fact that you can't craft any epic rings or necklaces. There are some okay-ish blue iLevel 450 jewelry items you can craft, but not the epic iLevel 476 items other professions get. What you can craft instead is mounts, but that is a rather bad deal too: There is only one mount shape to craft, a tiger in various colors to use various gems. You need cloud serpent reputation to get the recipes. And then in spite of not being all that special, the mounts are horribly expensive, using a 20,000 gold vendor item as part of their recipe. As you have to grind that cloud serpent rep anyway, you're much better off getting the cloud serpent mount, which looks a lot better and is a lot cheaper.

So overall I find jewelcrafting to be one of the weakest crafting skills in this expansion. Unfortunately WoW isn't a game in which you can switch crafts easily. It'll be faster to level my alts to 90 than to switch crafting skills around between my characters.
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