Games of Fall 2012 So Far
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Fall is a magical time to be a will-deficient, easily distracted, marketing-affected gamer. For those of us easily beguiled by the new and the shiny, it’s as though we are being showered in bright, shimmering pennies, each of which presents its own special if brief fascination for us.

This season does not bring with it much time for a person like me to entrench into a single game and suck deep its briny marrow, but what I sacrifice in depth I gain in variety. Between September and December, there is simply too much to take in, and by the end of the year I know I will feel like it’s all so much noise. So I prize this moment right now, when I am still invigorated, to play the endless cascade of new while I’m not yet quite overwhelmed and exhausted by it.

I figured now might be as good a time as any to share a few thoughts I have about the games of Fall 2012. Any of these I might have written an entire article about, but like my predilections when it comes to game playing, so too I find I have very little capacity for hunkering down and talking about just one game at a time.

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