Employee Profile: Tanglebones
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Everyone be sure to jump into the GWJ IRC and harass Bobby.

padriec wrote:
When one thinks of the quintessential New Yorker, the image that comes to mind is probably quite close to Tanglebones. Whether it's the jaunty angle of his fedora or his encyclopedic knowledge of esoteric NYC cuisine, one cannot look at him without thinking, "Damn, not another hipster from Brooklyn."

Since I met him two years ago at PAX East I have come to know him quite well and I can say with one-hundred percent assuredness that he is definitely not from Brooklyn. At PAX he is a fixture in the tabletop area, where he can be seen with the rest of the goodjers playing the latest boardgame hotness. I'm told he is also an amateur cosplayer of some skill.

What is more intriguing about our resident pancake eater is his day job as vice president at Bridge Records. While I have not had the courage to dip my toe into his pool of modern classical music knowledge (now that's an image), I am told that his pool runs very deep.

But who really is Tanglebones? Restaurant savant? Musical executive? Boardgame aficionado? Let's find out.

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