Employee Profile: Psych
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Since taking up the mantle of Employee Profiles this year, I (with help from the GWJ staff) have had the privilege of selecting which community member would be featured in these profiles. Now, it's your turn.

I present to you, Employee Profile: The People's Choice. For the next week, I'll be accepting suggestions for the final employee profile of the year. Don't PM it to me; don't post it in the comments; don't add it to the thread that (re)started it all. Only nominations submitted through the form will be accepted. And yes, much like the presidential candidates, you can vote for yourself.

Now, let's learn about a man from Iowa. (And if anyone can point me at "the TF2 forums," I'd appreciate it. They don't show up on the list for me. )

nihilo wrote:
Psych is a man from Iowa, but let me assure you: He is not a corn farmer. He did take me to a tractor parade when I visited him though, so I'm only 75% sure of this.

Psych stands out to me as a testament to the determination of a man to play video games on the internet. His internet setups have been among the most ridiculous I've ever seen: At one point, calling him on his home phone made his modem lose internet connectivity. Somehow this was considered an improvement over his previous setup, which I'm pretty sure was reliant on clear skies over Kansas City to pick up a wireless signal strong enough to play an FPS.

I first started gaming with Psych back in college in Chicago almost ten years ago, but we both graduated and moved away to different parts of the continent. He has remained an online staple for me and many other goodjers. He's a regular on the Stan's lounge TF2 server,
killing mannes and kicking jerks; he was definitely the most emo Loremaster in the Landroval server for the GWJ LotRO kinship; and more recently, he's a regular squaddie in goodjer Firefall runs.

I can honestly say I know very few people who are as instantly likeable as Psych. He has a disarmingly friendly and easy-going manner that does an admirable job of hiding the rage that seethes beneath. I'm sure the regulars on the GWJ TF2 server will agree, Psych is one of best people you've ever called a jerk.

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