How Mega Man Got Into a Brawl with Chun-Li
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How Mega Man Got Into a Brawl with Chun-Li

We chat with two of the people responsible for next week's unexpected new Mega Man game.

By: Jeremy Parish December 12, 2012

Yes, 1UP has already run its coverage of Mega Man's 25 anniversary, and we've tackled the topic in fairly exhaustive detail at that. But then Capcom had to go and announce a brand-new Mega Man game launching next week as a free PC release. Obviously, we had no choice but to pick Capcom USA President Christian Svensson and Community Manager Brett Elston's brains on the game -- along with a few other related matters to boot.

1UP: I guess the most obvious question to start with would be, how have you ended up with Street Fighter X Mega Man as the sort of launching point for marking Mega Man's 25th anniversary?

Christian Svensson: Dumb luck. I couldn't put it any more succinctly than that. Seow Zong Hui sought out a number of Capcom employees at EVO this year, and I happened to be sitting at our booth at random when he came up with a laptop and showed us an early build of the game. It brought an instant smile to our faces. It just happened that, over the last couple of months, we had started our planning meetings for the Mega Man 25th anniversary, and we still didn't have a really good opener. Here was something that fell into our lap that was the perfect close to the Street Fighter 25th and the perfect open to the Mega Man 25th, given that they're butting up against one another. I asked Zong Hui for a build, which he gave me on the spot. I brought it back to the office and I gave it to Brett and Greg, our two resident Mega Man experts.

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