Questions of the Perverts
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It’s been a while since we explored the deeply disturbed minds of the many, many people who arrive, however briefly, at GWJ through questionable internet searches. The reality is that it’s become a harder and harder proposition to scan the search terms that lead, through sorceries I couldn’t possibly fathom, to our quiet corner of the net. To give you some appreciation of the magnitude of the number of search terms that somehow bring up a link to us, a quick look into our Google Analytics reveals 341,464 different keywords and phrases that directed the “people” of the internet to GWJ. That's only this year, by the way.

It’s a daunting task to sift through the surprisingly voluminous number of searches on topics such as what should I engrave on my iPad?; why are so many people wearing fake fox tails and ears?; why won’t my crappy 10 year-old car start in the dead of winter? and please may I see Kari Byron from Mythbusters without her clothes? Each of which have directed for reasons I can’t possibly explain hundreds and thousands of people to Gamers With Jobs. I honestly don’t know if we have a single picture of Ms. Byron on this website, and even if we do I’m certain it’s not in the state of undress or various penetrations that people are asking for.

So, it’s been more than 5 years since I donned my disinfectant covered hazmat suit and embraced the perverts into our midst. But, eventually I knew I must wade back into the tumultuous muck, and explore the troubling fascinations of these multitudes, if only to entertain. Here’s a rebreather and some plastic gloves. You’re going to need them.

I feel, as always, that I should stress that the following article, while filled with actual search terms that led people to Gamers With Jobs, is definitely NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

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