Employee Profile: *Legion*
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*Legion* is employee #1052. I'm #1054. I'll hate him for that until my dying day. Since I don't have anything nice to say, I asked his brother Logan to say a couple words.

Logan wrote:
*Legion* is one person. I should probably note that, in case you didn't know. When he was beating me to a pulp as I grew old enough to be annoying, it would seem like the fists came from multiple sources, but after serious investigation, I have confirmed that he is one man.

I am a gamer because he was a gamer, and I was thrown into the gauntlet because he wanted a semi-decent opponent at all times. I respect that. However, I did not care for being demolished in NHL '98 time and time again.

We grew up in a crappy town in Central California. We were somewhat late to the Internet, but we utilized our modem to log onto local BBS servers and played the DOOM shareware on direct connect. Then one of the guys we frequently played with, a man who must have been forty, took us out for ice cream. My mother allowed that to happen.

It was a simpler time.

*Legion* is our smartass Bob Costas. Able to throw out stats and drop some serious knowledge on the NFL and its goings-on, when it's football season you'll see his fingerprints all over the Sports Forum.

And whenever there's something going on with Linux, particularly Ubuntu, he'll be the guy who knows something or other about it.

When it comes time for intense PvP games like DayZ, during the few occasions I can drag him to play something that isn't on his enormous Steam backlog, typically he'll be the one to fall in line and follow me on my ridiculous crusades. So that's pretty sweet of him.

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