Dec 17 - Dec 21
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This week is all about downloadable stuff, sort of. Actually there's not even all that much to get excited about from a download side of things. No, the next couple of weeks will be almost painfully quiet for new releases, and honestly if you don't look again until mid-January you're unlikely to miss much.

Out of everything on this anemic list, I do have at least a casual interest in getting Kinect Party for my kids. Free from launch until 2013, Double Fine's Kinect Party seems far less a game than a toy. A follow up of sorts to Double Fine's Happy Action Theater, Kinect Party presents you with a variety of channels that take creative advantage of the Kinect system to present you with various fun explorations of the concept of watching yourself move around on tv. Like, for example, what if the room were made from lava and you could shoot fire out of your hands? Or what if you were Daft Punk?

It's not the sort of thing likely to keep the mature and sober engaged for long, but honestly I could see my kids running around like insane people for hours. And hours of entertaining my boys for the reasonable cost of free is more than enough to pique my interest. So, let's call Kinect Party my pick of the week.

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