False Advertising? The War Z's Launch Raises Questions
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The War Z

Update: As of this writing, The War Z is no longer available for purchase through Steam. Valve told Kotaku a mistake "was made by prematurely issuing a copy of War Z for sale via Steam. We apologize for this and have temporary removed the sale offering of the title until we have time to work with the developer and have confidence in a new build." Players wanting a refund can submit a ticket to request one, while those who do not are free to continue playing in the meantime. And, just to make things juicier, Kotaku reports the game's title screen has images ripped from elsewhere. It's feeling more and more to me like the game was rushed out in order to be available before people were able to invest their money in the standalone DayZ.

Original Story: The War Z is a game that, long before launch, attracted some criticism for how much it resembled the super-popular ArmA II mod DayZ, which is on its way to becoming a standalone game thanks to its success. Similarities in title aside, the two are open-world zombie games where permadeath can play a critical role. As DayZ was the first to market, War Z developers Hammerpoint Interactive have been accused of simply ripping off Dean Hall's mod. A "foundation release" of DayZ was expected to be out before the end of the year, though Hall has expressed a willingness to let that deadline slip in order to deliver a better game. Hammerpoint, following a similar strategy of getting out a base game that can then be built upon, had its own foundation release land on Steam this past Monday. However, the lack of any way to discern that certain features promised on its Steam were not available at launch has resulted in a lot of angry gamers, and a developer with an apparent reluctance to fully accept the blame for the situation.

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