Low Elo Podcast EP. 53 - Get Your Phreak On
Posted by Low Elo: The League of Legends Podcast for the Players - Low Elo [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 25 December 2012, 3:00 am
Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the League. Not a player was raging, not even in threes. The forums were filled with wishes so dear. In hopes that new nerfs soon would be here. The pros were all nestled asleep at their desks. Streaming ranked solo queue, trying their best. And Dave in his cowboy hat, and me on the road. Had just finished recording the latest episode. When from the speakers there was a loud ring. Who could that be? A new call incoming? Back to our screens we flashed like a spell. Opened up Skype and what it did tell. The face of a caster in a small box. He wanted to join us for podcasting talks. And what to our wondering ears he did say. Was "let's record tonight and release christmas day". The caller was familiar and of League he could speak. Please welcome our guest David Turley. You know him as Phreak. "Varus and Vi, Lulu and Nami. Zed, Ziggs and Zyra and we can't forget Sejuani. Darius, Fiora, Nautilus and Syndra. With a skin that confuses because it looks like Diana. Then Rengar, Darius, Hecarim and Jayce. Who starts with 4 spells – level 1 ace. Then there was Elise, who we almost forgot. And without whom, the League of Draven it is not." We laughed and we remembered the last 365. and talked about things we hoped would soon arrive. So we hope you'll enjoy, our 53rd. We think it's the best that we've ever heard. And when it was all done, Phreak finished the show In the manner we're accustomed and have all grown to know. And from all of us at Low Elo we thank you for the year. We appreciate your support. We'll keep the message clear. And on that bombshell, we delivered our closers. We said goodnight, thanks for listening and stay classy, Summoners.

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