The Big Finish
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“Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)”

As a general rule, I finish what I start. However, when someone says they do something as a general rule as opposed to flat out saying here is a thing I always do, they are doing so because somewhere in the corner of their mind they are thinking of a specific instance or two where they in fact do the opposite of their “general rule.” Saying you do something as a general rule is a lot like starting a sentence with, “I’m not a racist, but....”

So, when I say that I finish what I start as a general rule, I am thinking very specifically of the fact that this rule rarely applies to video games. No, there my rule is quite the opposite. On my best years, we’re probably talking about a five to ten percent completion percentage. And, I’m not even talking about getting those 100% completion goals that many games now come with, which is an accomplishment I don’t think I’ve ever reached on a game. I’m just talking about things like finishing a single player campaign, or reaching max level in an MMO, or winning all the non-DLC levels. Those basic thresholds for accomplishment are usually all that I ever put in my sights, and even that is rarely a mark I manage to hit.

The thing is, I don’t immediately have any regrets about this. I know a lot of people look at their pile of games waiting to be finished, whatever that word actually means in video games these days, and feel something like shame. I imagine there are even people out there who won’t buy a new game until they have finished the one they are playing, which is the kind of stubborn stick-to-itiveness that I might think should be classified in the DSM.

Sometimes I wonder, though. Am I missing out?

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