Employee Profile: ClockworkHouse
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As we approach the end of 2012, so we approach the end of my time as Employee Profiles editor. After producing more profiles in the last year than were done in the previous six (though, admittedly, none were posted in the 2010 or '11), it's time for me to take a break. Fear not, as I won't go far, but I now step behind the curtain and turn the stage over to the capable hands of Boogle.

I leave you, as my parting gift, The People's Choice: ClockworkHouse.

Minarchist wrote:
What do you say about someone who has, herself, become a meme?

ClockworkHouse and I bonded a long time ago over a mutual love of Majora's Mask, the (at the time) most misunderstood of all the Zelda games. Over a period of time we discovered that we had very similar taste in games. Eerily similar. Twilight Zone similar. A trend that, notwithstanding her inclusion in the inferior right-handed sect of human beings, continues to this day.

Despite the running gag (which, if memory serves, fittingly started during a discussion of Darksiders), ClockworkHouse has a genuine love of games, and has always been able to cogently express what makes a game so worthy of discussion. Her enthusiasm, more than any other influence, encouraged me to actively think about the games I was otherwise passively consuming and express my opinions on the subject. I have no doubt said enthusiasm has infected others, as well.

ClockworkHouse is always quick with congratulations, condolences, and a loaner copy of that latest Nintendo game you had your eye on. Having met in person, I can say hers is a genuine personality, and I am glad to have made her acquaintance.

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