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Posted by Erik Hyrkas [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 5 January 2013, 11:51 am
So, I've been playing some League of Legends lately. I have been so immersed in writing my last book for so long that now that I've come up for air, I admit that I would probably be enamored with anything more entertaining than bubble-wrap. I typically play MMOs, though I have played RPGs (like the Torchlight and Diablo IPs) and RPGs (Starcraft, Warcraft, and all the way back to Dune.) I don't have almost any experience with MOBAs. I think I might have played DotA one time in its original form. 

I think the most essential part of playing League of Legends is to join the Low Elo community. They encourage a helpful, "stay classy" attitude that makes playing a pleasure. The solo queue is filled with people who will rage and blame and do anything but play well. When you login, simply join the "lowelo" (or "lowelo2") chat to look for people who aren't jerks. Just remember, it goes both ways. Don't blame other people when they die and try to be supportive. The game is more entertaining when everybody is laughing and enjoying themselves rather than swearing at each other and assigning blame.

I think my favorite format is the 3v3 Twisted Treeline map. It is non-stop action and entertainment. The 5v5 map is slow and a bit tedious. I really don't like that the "meta" (at this point I hate the word because everybody misuses it) where it has become a requirement to have a support character. Being a healer is boring in most games, and it is beyond my comprehension why Riot would encourage this mechanic.

I'm sure there are a few people out there who would immediate scream at me for how much they enjoy being the healer. I'm glad you enjoy it, but I think you are in the minority. I think that there is nothing heroic about being the healer. Sure, you make the team better and it is a team game, but you are the first one blamed when things go wrong and the last one to get credit when things go right. It's an awful position simply asking for blame assignment. This brings me back to the 3v3 games, which don't seem to have room for characters dedicated to full support. Maybe this will change, but I hope not. I probably will stop playing if it does.

Despite all of the things that Diablo III did wrong, this may be one of the things they did well. Nearly every character was capable of finishing the game on their own. Well, that's mostly true. With the proper gear they were able to finish the game. There was an issue where you relied on more sturdy characters to first put those items up for sale and you had to farm gold to buy it. That actually is a similar issue. People want to be self-sufficient, even in a team. Well, I shouldn't speak for the entire universe of gamers. I'll say that I like to be self-sufficient, even if I'm playing a squishy character.

If you have a spare hour to play a game, check out League of Legends. I think it is a lot of fun if you can find people to play with that aren't rude and obnoxious. I'm lucky to have a number of friends who play, but we've filled in empty slots from the Low Elo chat whenever we've needed more.

Before I sign off, I wanted to mention that my first book (Tritium Gambit) is still free on Amazon and iTunes, so get out there and pick it up if you haven't read it.

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