January 7 - January 11
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I am swiftly closing in on finishing my 3rd consecutive game as I round the clubhouse turn on XCOM's single player campaign. This is probably less a reflection of some new found gaming focus and commitment on my end and more a reflection of how few games are coming out right now. I am, however, happy that I'm not doing what I've done the past couple of years during these down times and turning to World of WarCraft, not because I now begrudge WoW -- I don't -- but just because it's nice to be investing in a little diversity this year.

I'll return to WoW for another round soon enough. I have no doubt on that note.

This week continues the most recent quiet trend for gaming, and for the most part that's likely to be the larger story of January. However, this week does bring some potential with it. Anarchy Reigns for the 360 and PS3 comes to us from PlatinumGames, the makers of the under-appreciated Bayonetta and Vanquish, and seems like the kind of game that those in the know will ultimately be heartbroken to discover that no one else played. A frenetic, online beat 'em up with the kind of bombast and violence you might expect from the company responsible for 2009's stylish MadWorld, Anarchy Reigns will if nothing else almost certainly have its own unique, distinct flavor.

Whether it'll be something for a larger audience remains to be seen, but at a time where almost nothing else is coming out, maybe Anarchy Reigns can make a name for itself. It is our Game of the Week, after all, and if that's not a king maker I don't know what is.

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