WRUP: Zelda Syndrome edition
Posted by Massively [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 12 January 2013, 10:00 am

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He's supposed to be attacking here, but it looks to me like War is doing a merry jig.
One of the games that motivated me to buy the Humble THQ Bundle was Darksiders, which I had heard described as basically Legend of Zelda with ultraviolence and Joe Mad. It delivers what it promises, but as a result, I'm in the late game and fighting hard against my Zelda Syndrome.

Zelda Syndrome is a condition wherein a player stops playing an action-adventure title after the majority of the game is done, usually with all of the really annoying bosses already dead. All that's left is a dungeon or two and the final boss, but for some reason sufferers simply lose interest and go back to playing something else. I've fought against it with every single Legend of Zelda game and several points related. There is no known treatment.

While I raise awareness of this horrible syndrome, you can entertain yourself with this week's installment of WRUP, which outlines the games that the Massively staff will be playing this weekend. You can also let us know what you're playing down in the comments. After doing so, please consider giving money to researchers addressing Zelda Syndrome by purchasing a related title -- possibly Okami.

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