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Posted by Tobold's Blog [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 13 January 2013, 4:18 am
This weekend I've been quite busy playing My Railway HD on my iPad. I'm just a sucker for railway games, and it's been many years since the last decent Sid Meier railway game on the PC. Unfortunately My Railway HD is one of these Free2Play "social" games which constantly pester you to spend money on them or invite your friends. I did spend 20 bucks, which is about what the game was worth to me, but now I'm playing without real money boost. I'll see if it will still be fun in the long term like that, or whether I'll get bored as quickly as I got addicted to the game. :)

The game has a map of an alternative central Europe in victorian times, with cities like Goodabest, Humbug, or Lion. You can connect these cities with each other, or with various factories producing goods. Then you need to decide which goods to produce, and your economy gets rolling. For a "casual" game My Railway HD requires a lot of input. If you don't play, your storehouses quickly become full or your production contracts run out. On the plus side there is no "energy" or anything else limiting how much you can click on everything to keep things rolling.

My Railway isn't quite the game I would have liked it to be. You can only build rails over pre-defined tracks, and there are no chains of goods where you transport raw materials somewhere else for refining.The game also tries to get you to connect to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and then mercilessly spams those. I ended up having to delete half a dozen tweets and revoking access for the app. But apart from playing Sid Meier's Railroads from back in 2006, I don't really have a good alternative to scratch that railway urge.

In case you are playing this as well, via the friends tab on the menu and then pressing three buttons all marked invite or invites, you can enter somebody's "bonus code" to invite him to be your neighbor. My bonus code is n0i-8q3.
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