Call for Writers -- 2013
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It's been almost four years since our last Call for Writers, but the time has come again for us to turn to the boundless talent of our community and shamelessly beg for your pretty words and clever wit. Previous Calls for Writers have brought to us such talent as Julian "Rabbit" Murdoch (who, to date, has not been responsible for us going out of business) and Russ "Fletcher" Pitts (who eventually flew the coop to help run The Escapist and now Polygon). Now we are looking for the next great GWJ writer.

Writing for GWJ is currently a volunteer effort, but it is an opportunity to build your portfolio, get feedback from a supportive community and develop your skill. And, in truth, what we are looking for above all else is excellent writers who want to help produce content for us because they have a passion for this community and for the games industry.

The thing about writing in the gaming space is that there are no promises. That said, many of our writers have gone on to have successful freelance careers and write for countless publications from magazines to some of gaming's most recognized websites. We also have an active community of writers who support and help guide one another, and, as I suspect you already know, our readership is exceptional.

If you are interested in becoming a recurring writer for GWJ please read on for submission information.

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