January 21 - January 27
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Do you remember my wait for a proper jRPG to give our Game of the Week title to? Well, my geeky gamer potty-dance is over. I have a copy of Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch burning a hole in my desk today. I've left the guide in its shrink-wrap, just so I don't commit a heinous grade of fiduciary misconduct here and start reading it during working hours. It takes the honors for this week.

However, there are a couple interesting honorable mentions if you're not up for sacrificing a couple work-weeks full of hours to playing a Miyazaki film:

Strike Suit Zero is a Kickstarter alumni that's finally ready to try its wings. Zoom through space in a transforming robot, dog-fighting your way through swarms of enemies. It's out on the PC now, and console versions are set for later in 2013.

Last week's winner, DmC: Devil May Cry, hits PC. This one's just as polarizing as its predecessors. If you liked the old mowing-the-digital-lawn style, they're distributing the original games as DLC. If you liked Enslaved or Infamous, this one might be up your alley in its own right.

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