Take a look at character creation for all Asta races in new videos
Posted by Massively [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 25 January 2013, 3:00 pm

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Is it too late to make an Eiffel 65 joke?  Would anyone get that now?
Character creation. For some players, it's the boring part of the game that you have to click through quickly in order to get on with the hitting. For others, it's half of the reason you're playing the game at all. If you're of the former camp, you're probably not going to get much out of this series of high-definition videos detailing character creation for all the races in Asta: The War of Tears and Wind. But if you're in the latter camp, you've got some viewing ahead of you.

All six races from the game have character creation extensively displayed, including both genders for the dimorphic races getting separate treatment. Each of the races also has some unique features, ranging from the horns of the Dragon race to the tusks of the Oni race to the spine apparently constructed from flexible tubing of the Fox race. (Or maybe the female model is just posed oddly.) While there's no word yet on release, you can still look longingly at all of the videos and start thinking about what you'd want to play if and when the game comes overseas.

[Thanks to steparu taru for the tip!]

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