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m0nk3yboy wrote:
I took a shine to Sally in the forums almost straight away and we have been friends now for almost 3 years. We have a similar hunger for achievements, and the lure of the epeen enlargement through online sites like True Achievements just made it all that simpler to connect. But, I want to know more about my Northern Hemisphere brother-from-another-mother. You see, Sally Nasty is a conundrum, wrapped in an enigma.

For starters, Sally is a dude, and secondly, he's one of the nicest guys you're likely to meet around these parts. So how did he settle on such an anachronistic handle?

We dig a little deeper, it gets a little weirder.

He lives in the States, but speaks Russian, so much so, he prefers Metro 2033 to be played in it's native tongue. And he's Sassy too, CYNEP sassy!, just check out his tag (see, more Russian right there).

Ambassador of strange? He didn't help sway my partner's perception of 'teh interwebs being full of freaky peeps' when he suggested we 'boost some Cheevs' in fable 3 early in our relationship. Sounded innocent enough, next thing I know, we're getting married and making a baby together. Cynep sassy...

Wife: What are you playing?
Me: Fable 3, just hooking up with some Goodjers online?
Wife: Which ones?
Me: Sally Nasty.
Wife: Who's she?
Me: It's a dude, it's just a Gamertag, his wife doesn't think he's playing with a monkey.
Wife: OK... What are you doing?
Me: Ummmm....
Wife: What are you doing?
Me: Ermmmmmm, we're going to get married and make a baby...
Wife: ...
Me: Did you get that?
Wife: Yeeeeah... Just processing it. So, er, Sally will be the mother?
Me: No, I'm being the lady this time.

See! Even in that exchange, through all the crazy, he manages to sidestep any kind of logical process.

Sally Nasty > enigma > conundrum

So it is my honor, and also my anticipated joy, to introduce a peek-behind-the-curtain of a truly cynep Goodjer, Sally Nasty. If ever i make it stateside we have a date on that lake of yours with a bottle of Gentleman Jack. Take it away Chris (Neil* sends his love).

* Fable-baby's name, Father had naming rights.

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