Betawatch: January 19 - 25, 2013
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Why does SMITE get the header image?  Because it's pretty.
This week has been a week for games to let down their hair, dress comfortably, and throw open the doors for open beta. SMITE, Path of Exile, DUST 514, and DK Online all threw open the doors to new waves of beta testers, while Firefall is hosting an open beta weekend event.

While The Elder Scrolls Online isn't actually in testing yet, the game is accepting signups for beta now. Meanwhile, City of Steam and the much anticipated ArcheAge have both picked up publishers, ensuring the release of the latter and helping the former reach a wider audience. Scarlet Blade has entered its closed beta or closed alpha test, depending on who you ask, featuring a variety of women fighting one another with large guns and outfits composed of electrical tape.

There's plenty more going on in the beta field, though, so you can check past the break for the full list. If you see something we may have missed or know of a game that crept into launch sneakily, let us know down in the comments.

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