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Posted by Tobold's Blog [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 10 February 2013, 9:05 am
Last year's GenCon had a D&D Next Live session with Chris Perkins as DM, and Ed Greenwood and several WotC game designers as players. Funny, if you enjoy dirty jokes, but I was actually watching it to learn more about D&D Next. And under that aspect it was kind of a failure. Except for the names of the spells and skills, the game might as well have been any other rule system, from earlier versions of D&D to 4E to Pathfinder.

What I found especially telling was that the advertised faster combat didn't really happen. Combat didn't appear to be any faster than in a Chris Perkins 4E game. There were a couple of one-shot kills (which can easily be done in 4E as well), and the DM having to speed up combat by making the enemy surrender. The players were using battlemaps and miniatures, so it was impossible to judge whether D&D Next would have allowed the same game in a "theater of the mind" mode.

I can't playtest D&D Next with a group, as I don't have an English-speaking group of players available. I'm still playing 4E in the French translation. But frankly, what I have seen from D&D Next up to now doesn't make me hold my breath. I simply can't see any improvement over already existing rule sets. I will probably just stick to 4E and give the next edition of D&D a miss.
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