February 11 -- February 15
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First up, a note regarding our recently ended Call for Writers. I don't know if I just called really loudly or what, but you guys responded in a big way. As if that wasn't enough, a lot of you ended up writing some really good drafts. The reality is that it's going to take a while to read, sift, discuss and make some decisions. And, to be honest, we're probably not talking about having things done in the next week or so. It might just be a little bit longer than that.

This is obviously a good problem to have, but I wanted to provide you guys fair warning. My intention is to make sure I respond to every draft, and as much as possible I'd like to have something constructive to say, but I'm going to ask for your patience through that process.

As far as the week goes, while we don't have the wide wealth of exciting games for this set, we still have more than what we were seeing in January. I heard a recent criticism that Aliens: Colonial Marines looks too much like a traditional shooter which kind of misses the point of what made Aliens great. It's a concern I share, though I usually like what Gearbox does, particular with Borderlands -- I just try to forget that they ultimately got stuck with Duke Nukem -- so I'm skeptical but hopeful. After all, a chance to go back to LV-426 in the immediate aftermath of the movie Aliens is at the very least an intriguing proposition.

So, I'm giving Colonial Marines my nod as game of the week.

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