Feb 18 - Feb 22
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This week should be a busy one for gaming, though more for the anticipated mid-week announcements than the big couple of games for the week. It was May of 2005, nearly eight years ago, that the PlayStation 3 was first announced to the public, which means at this point the PS3 is on track for a longer shelf-life than its venerable brother the PlayStation 2.

I want to believe that Sony is in a position to both learn from and act on the things it could have learned from this generation where it, to me at least, always felt like second best. But, Sony has never really struck me as a company quick to learn and adapt, so I approach whatever Wednesday's announcement will be with anticipation and trepidation. I want to walk away unable to contain my anticipation at the opportunity to drop some Benjamins down on next-gen, but I fear that what I will feel instead is frustrated at measures designed to improve DRM, reduce used-sales and force gamers into restrictive environments.

As far as games go this week, however, my pick of the litter is Crysis 3. I find myself in the mood for a science-fictiony action game, and though rarely deep Crysis does always seem to deliver a visual spectacle that is fun to play. The other option for the week is Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance which is a name that just starts off on two wrong feet with me.

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