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Path of Exile released several patches this week, adding new map types and fixing a number of bugs. Developers also revealed that the schedule for upcoming open beta content additions will begin with the next patch. Diablo III released patch 1.0.7 this week, adding a new dueling mechanic to the game and a brand-new endgame farming task based around collecting Demonic Essence to craft powerful account-bound gear. The patch also included some much-needed buffs for popular Wizard and Monk abilities.

SMITE revealed its new ranged crowd-control god Neith this week; she manipulates invisible magical weaves to empower her attacks. And Dota 2 released classic hero Tusk, who can roll himself and his team into a giant snowball of death. League of Legends announced a series of buffs for Nasis, Akalu, and Riven in a new Patch Preview video, in addition to changes to items with the cooldown reduction stat.

Heroes of Newerth's patch 3.0.2 fixed an exploit with the Insanitarius item, while competitive team Trademark eSports secured its fourth win in the Diamond division of the HoN Tour league. Finally, Star Citizen continued to break gaming crowdfunding records this week as its total funds raised passed the $8,000,000 US mark.

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