Six Good Hours
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In the interest of saving you any suspense, here’s where I land on the issue. If a full-price game provides 6 good hours of a dense, fun single player campaign, then I can be satisfied with that. In fact, in many cases I would prefer that to 15 hours where any substantial part of that time is spent slogging through extraneous “content” just for the sake of dragging out the time commitment.

This is not, like most of my notions, a universally held opinion. For some — perhaps even you — purchasing decisions can quickly reach defcon DealBreaker if the game in question doesn’t cross some volume of time. I understand this philosophy, even if I don’t necessarily subscribe. To pay sixty dollars for a game that’s over in a long afternoon, can feel a lot like paying two-hundred for fancy cuisine that’s half the size of your average portion at Chili’s. If you can only buy one game and that has to get you through the next two months, do you really want something that’s gone in less time than your average work day?

Probably not.

But, that’s not the same thing as saying the two-hundred dollar meal is necessarily a worse value or even over priced. In fact, if I remember that two-hundred dollar meal five years later, even though it was smaller, even though it didn’t leave me feeling as though I needed to be hauled from the restaurant on a forklift, it’s still to me the better experience. Six good hours is enough.

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